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1. Dimples are an inherited genetic flaw. They are caused by a fibrous band of tissue that connects the skin to an underlying bone.

2. 330 million different gods are worshipped by the Hindu religion.

3. We are subconsciously more attracted to people who have the same music taste as we do.


1. Daydreaming is good for your brain.

2. A small boy got his head stuck in a traffic cone - pretending to be Harry Potter. Six fireman worked on the 3 yr old for 30 min to free him.

3. Scarlett Johansson is a twin. She is three minutes older than her brother Hunter Johansson

4. A vegan…


1. Elephants are actually terrified of bees and mice.

2. Daniel Radcliffe was not a big fan of the Harry Potter book series as a child.

3. In Shampoo and Moisturiser Ads, “Essential Oils” means that the oil gives off a distinctive scent, not that they’re essential.

4. Ostriches can fall in…


1. All the things you say to Siri on the iPhone is analyzed & stored. All information is sent to Apple, and Apple has the right to share it.

2. Ian Fleming chose the name James Bond for the title character of his spy novels because “it was the dullest name I had ever heard.”

3. Out of all…


1. A study out of UC Berkeley claims that, more than money, being highly respected by your friends and colleagues will bring you happiness.

2. Toilet paper was invented in China in the late 1300s – It was for emperors only.

3. A proper handshake should last for about three seconds.

4. Save…


1, People who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer.

2. “The Dark Knight” was the first comic book movie to ever win an Oscar for achievement in acting (for Heath Ledger’s performance).

3. Going to sleep at the same time every night increases your chances of…


1. Simon Cowell was arrested at age 12 for hijacking a bus with a toy gun.

2. Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different.

3. Mountain Dew was originally made to be mixed with whiskey.

4. Drinking 16 ounces of cold water on an empty stomach will increase your metabolism by 30%.

9 Life Hacks/Tricks to Simplify Your Life #386


1. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop. They’ll be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.

2. Reading a book before bed tires your eyes. As a result, your brain is tricked into feeling tired and falling asleep is easier.

3. If you tend to wake up early after drinking, it might be because your blood sugar is low. A slice of bread or peanut butter can solve this

4. On you can put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you everything you can make with them

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A 13 year old boy found a tooth growing out of his foot in 1977.

Daniel Radcliffe broke over 80 wands while filming the Harry Potter movies because he used them as drumsticks.

Drug-sniffing dogs are wrong more than 50% of the time.

Somniphobia is the fear of sleep.

No one knows who…


1. Barbie’s first words were “Math class is tough!” in 1992.

2. If a line of chalk is drawn around ants, they will never cross it.

3. Lung cancer was how the cigarette company Marlboro’s first owner died.

4. A “false awakening” occurs when you dream that you woke up, even though you’re…


When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect Pebble to present to her.

When a male bee climaxes, their testicles explode then they die.

You can get rid of garlic breath by eating an apple or drinking some green tea.

The popular TV…


Richard Nixon was a fan of rap music.

Most Japanese people return lost items and take it very seriously.

People with a disorder called “amusia” can’t hear musical tones.

Soccer players on average run 7 miles per game.

Eating both strawberries and blueberries protects your brain from aging


Brendenn Bremmer was a prodigy with an IQ of 178, could read at 18 months and play the piano at 3. He shot himself in the head at 14.

Cops in Thailand are forced to wear a pink Hello-Kitty armband if they break the law or rules of duty.

Two 9 year old boys once sued Nintendo claiming that…


Happiness is instantly contagious; and you can easily become a happier person by simply surrounding yourself with others who are happy.

Share This: Rohypnol (the date rape drug) tastes very salty. If a drink suddenly has a salty taste, stop drinking it immediately.

Netflix is looking to hire…


Cold showers are GOOD for you. They help keep skin and hair healthy.

Before it was launched, Twitter was almost called Friendstalker.

An agelast is a person who never laughs.

A slug’s blood is green.

In 2010. McDonald’s mistakenly packed and distributed 5000 Happy Meals with coloured…